Extracts from DVD "Rythms of Human adventure"

Artistic Director and Teacher : Michael Bougon ; DVD Director : Cyril Auribault pour Artis-Studio
Producer : Musique & handicap 78


Download, legal and free, of the "MYTHOMAN" integral version in HQ (100 méga) extract from TERANGA's DVD "Rythms of Human adventure".
Download : MYTHOMAN

Pascal from Teranga

Production and diffusion of TERANGA's DVD

The vision of the performances is to share the generosity of the group and its groove. The point of the documentary made by Artis-Studio is to show the work and the process of creating the music that the musicians go through. It is based on rhythm sensations, which are created in collaboration with the professional musicians. The documentary also shows that the concerts have helped to contribute, stimulate and liberate the energy of the handicapped musicians, permitting them to express themselves individually while also contributing to the group.
The diffusion of Teranga's show troughout the DVD and the concerts aim to change the way people look at the handicapped people, and to raise social cultural partners awerness about the integration of the handicapped people in existing structures.

Michael Bougon on the basse

TERANGA's musicians

"Les gars de Maule"
 : Christophe Barbier, Jacques Bergey, Bruno Epinoux, Axel Ruscak, Fabrice Fernez, William Dufau, Pascal Lefèvre

Vocal and percussion
: Babakar Faye

: Nicolas Sicurani

Bass and Peul Flute 
: Michael Bougon

: Alexandre Vukobrat

TERANGA partners

TERANGA, a mixture of personal creativity and group spirit, is supported with donations and sponsorships from the FONDATION de FRANCE, “Les arts et les Autres” Foundation, AIR FRANCE Foundation, the Yvelines General Council, BoisMesnuls APEI, and the city of Trappes, the Paris Jazz Band.
Fondation de France Les Arts et les AutresFondation Air FranceConseil General des Yvelines